Below is a list of some of the services offered. I’d be happy to talk with you about your other copywriting needs should your project type not be listed here.


Brochures – Single or multi-paged, a specialized and informative handout or leave-behind for sales reps can be an invaluable aspect of the sales process.

Case studies – Also referred to as success stories, they tell the story of how your product solved a real client’s problem. Prospects see how your product helped someone like them.

White papers – When you need an in-depth research report, or special report, I’ll gather the facts and present them logically and persuasively.

Emails – Whether for lead generation, nurturing, or to promote a special offer or new product, I’ll craft the right email for the job.

Advertisements – Ads come in all shapes and sizes…from print to e-zine to banner ads, I’ve got you covered.

Product descriptions – Your prospects visit your web site to learn about your products. I’ll provide a clear explanation of your product or service geared toward your target audience. 


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